The Financial Benefits of Blue Heaven Membership

The Blue Heaven concept is remarkably simple, but it makes irrefutable financial sense.

Members pay a one-off entry fee of £1,500 which incorporates a four day training course in Spain, including the use of a sports yacht, leading to ICC and Day Skipper certification.

Thereafter, Members pay an annual subscription of either £15,000 for Silver Membership, or £21,000 for Gold Membership. See the Yachts for details of the Gold and Silver Class yacht specifications.

Blue Heaven membership entitles you to the use of the yacht for 30 days of your own choosing per year, within the programme. Now bear in mind that surveys have revealed yacht owners tend to use their boats on average only around 27 days per year.

Shared Membership

With Blue Heaven you can have more than one registered Member.
For instance, a father and son or maybe two friends might prefer to share the annual subscription (and their boat days). However, because only registered Members are insured to take charge of the yacht, and with the legal requirement for ICC certification, all Members must pay the entry fee and undertake the compulsory training course.

Multiple Membership

Another option is for people to extend their boat days by paying additional subscriptions. A father and son, for instance, could each become Members and each pay a subscription which would entitle them to 60 days sailing per year between them.

Your financial commitment with Blue Heaven Membership:

One-off entry fee including training £1,500
Annual subscription
either Silver Membership £15,000
or Gold Membership £21,000
Other than the cost of fuel used, Blue Heaven Members have nothing further to pay. [Yachts]

The high cost of ownership

Compare those straightforward Blue Heaven figures with the real costs of purchasing and operating your own yacht of a similar size and specification. You will soon recognise that ownership carries a heavy financial burden.

Purchasing the vessel

1. Outright purchase. You can expect to pay at least £350,000 for a yacht to match the specifications of the ones available to Blue Heaven Members.

Remember, however, having paid out all that money, you will lose around £17,500* per year on the interest it would have earned, and of course the boat begins to depreciate at between 10% and 15% the moment you buy it.

2. Funded purchase. If you were to fund the purchase through a 15 year marine mortgage you would have to pay a minimum deposit of 20% which is £70,000.

Again you would be losing interest on this capital at around £3,500* per year, and of course the value of your boat would be depreciating at between 10% and 15% per year.

Your mortgage repayments would be in the region of £2,750 per month which is over £30,000 per year.

Fixed annual costs

Having obtained the yacht of your dreams, you then have to operate and maintain it. Here are the costs you will be faced with:

Insurance £3,000
Mooring in Puerto Banus £10,000
Maintenance and servicing £2,000
Gaurdienage £7,000
Dry dock and anti-fouling £2,000
Total annual costs (approximately) £24,000

In other words: To purchase outright and operate your yacht:

Capital expenditure £350,000
Loss of interest per annum £17,500
Annual operating costs £24,000
Total Cost £391,500
plus depreciation

Or, through a funded agreement, requiring a deposit of: £70,000
Loss of interest per annum £3,500
Mortgage repayments per annum £33,000
Annual operating costs £24,000
Total Cost £130,500
plus depreciation

As a Blue Heaven Member with guaranteed 30 days sailing per year, and no ownership responsibilities, your annual subscription is either:

Silver Membership £15,000
Gold Membership £21,000


Ask about our Corporate Membership Plans. We can arrange corporate plans to suit many company needs, please do not hesitate to discuss your requirements with us.

Enquire about our Subscription Credit Plan. Allows you to spread the cost of your annual subscription over 10 months.

*Based on interest at 5% per annum. All figures are calculated as per the financial situation when leaflet was printed - December 2004.

"A boat is a mechanical device that goes round and round in water, creating a big hole into which you pour money."