Blue Heaven has a concept that is different


Different probably from any you've ever come across before. That is because we make it possible for you to enjoy all the glorious benefits of having access to one of the world's most luxurious sports yachts which is berthed in what is probably the most exclusive and fashionable marina in Southern Spain. Yet we offer you this facility without you having to endure either the terrific expense, or thenon-stop effort and organisation that this privilege normally entails.

Next time you wander round the marina, just note how many of those superb craft never seem to move. That is because, on average, these boats are only used about 27 days per year.

The Blue Heaven plan entitles you, for a very reasonable fixed annual subscription, to have use of the vessel for up to 30 days every year. When you are not sailing we will be taking care of all the necessary management duties and expenses such as cleaning, maintenance, servicing, anti-fouling, mooring fees and insurance. Ensuring that it is presented gleaming, shipshape, ready and prepared for your next voyage.

Our yachts are top-specification, luxuriously appointed craft from one of the world's most highly acclaimed builders, and your membership even includes full training to qualify for your Skipper's Ticket.

A full portfolio of information is included in this wallet, but should you require any further details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Blue Heaven has negotiated greatly reduced rates for the daily charter complete with skipper and hostess, of a new luxury Fairline Squadron 56, the flagship cruiser of the Fairline fleet. Ideal for members wishing to take advantage for special occasions and corporate events, etc.

Members can also enjoy privileged benefits from our growing network of associated organisations which include car hire, restaurants, bars, golfing, hotels, etc.

All the pleasures you will be able to look forward to


Blue Heaven brings you the freedom to enjoy one of the world's most luxurious sports yachts for up to 30 days per year, plus a top class support service that relieves you of all the hard work, cost and all the other ongoing hassles that generally come with ownership.

Day Skipper Training

As part of the entry fee we provide a professional four day training course based at Puerto Banus which includes the use of a boat and training leading to the required RYA Day Skipper and ICC Certification. More importantly it provides you with all the skills and the confidence you need to enjoy the sports yacht experience to its full.

30 Days Personal Use of the Yacht

For a fixed annual subscription, Blue Heaven members are entitled to use the craft for up to 30 days per year. These days are not allocated, but can be booked as desired and they are available in a maximum of up to two days at a time. They include 10 days high season (June/Sept) 10 days mid season (Feb/May) and 10 days low season (Oct/Jan). Out of season frequently offers some of the best sailing conditions and is a great time for boating. (All we stipulate is that bookings must be made no more than 30 days in advance in order to help us organise our schedules.)

On your access days you are free to treat the yacht virtually as if it was your own. You can use it how and where you wish, maybe to visit other marinas along the coast, or sail to places of interest further afield such as Gibraltar or Tangier. Perhaps you'd prefer to picnic in secluded bays, or simply to savour the sheer pleasure of cruising the open sea.

Star Days

You can nominate two days in each of the seasons as Star Days which can be booked at anytime well in advance. Star Days are ideal for those important occasions such as anniversaries and celebrations, or to coincide with visits by family and friends.

Skipper available

If at anytime you would like someone else to take over the skippering duties, for instance if the member is not available to take the family out, we can provide a fully qualified skipper at a reasonable hourly rate.

Luxuriously Appointed

All our yachts are fitted and maintained to the very highest standards commensurate with the quality of the craft themselves. They are fully equipped for day use and include luxurious facilities such as well-appointed galleys, air conditioning, en-suite cabins and on-board entertainment systems. Of course there is all the maritime equipment you would expect for comfortable and safe cruising. See the enclosed Specification Leaflet for fuller details on the yachts.


Marina Car Pass

On each of your sailing days we provide you with an information pack that includes a car pass allowing you to drive on to the private marina at Puerto Banus.

Top Class Support

Blue Heaven has a fully experienced and highly professional team on hand to ensure your craft is always presented in pristine and seaworthy shape ready for your pleasure. We're also always available if you ever need assistance with mooring, or require any help or advice related to your sailing trips.

Carefree cruising is what Blue Heaven is all about.